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Plastic Compass

Attach this 1-1/2" diameter compass to your zipper, key ring, or lanyard for field trips! Features aluminum case and color-coded poles. [more info...]

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Solar Cell Demonstrator

Four powerful solar cells are mounted on a revolving disk and motor. This in turn is mounted to a plastic stand and base. Watch as the entire disk, solar cells included, begin to whirl around when the unit is placed in the sun. Instructions provided. [more info...]

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Tactile Discs Set 1

An inviting tactile material that challenges children's sense of touch on both hands and feet. At the same time, it develops the ability to describe sense impressions verbally. The tactile discs, made of nice-to-touch rubber, contain five different tactile structures, each with its own color. Each of the five tactile structures can be found on a large disc for positioning on the floor, as well as [more info...]

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Test Tube and Stoppers

Three Plastic test tubes each 15X100mm and 3 size 00 rubber stoppers. Great for chemistry experiments. Not suitable for heated experiments. [more info...]

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Test Tube Brushes

Lab Core Test Tube Brushes are two durable white nylon brushes designed for test tubes as small as 1 cm in diameter. Rounded tuft at the tip allows the cleaning of the bottom. Brush Diameter is Size = 17mmD X 50mmL X 150mmTL, Nylon bristles = in Inches .66"D X 2"L X 6" TL [more info...]

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Thermal Expansion Set

Introduce students to the concepts of expansion and contraction using the ball and ring. The unit demonstrates the expansion of metal when heated and its contraction when cooled. When either the ball or ring is heated, the ball will not pass through the ring. When cooled, however, the ball will pass through the ring freely. The ball and ring are mounted on insulated wooden handles to protect hands [more info...]

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