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Go Shark Go! Card Game

From Eeboo - A shark-themed version of Go Fish that's beautifully illustrated and helps kids identify different species of sharks! From eeBoo, for ages 3+ yrs. [more info...]

Magna-Tiles Stardust 15 Piece Set

Magna-Tiles 15-Piece Stardust Set - The Original, Award-Winning Magnetic Building Tiles - Creativity and Educational - STEM Approved [more info...]

Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32 Piece Set

Translucent magnetic shapes attract on all sides! For ages 3-8 yrs, from Valtech - MagnaTiles. [more info...]

Rody Horse Teal

Gymnic's Rody Horse is a favorite with children to learn balancing and coordination while hopping on their Rody. Used in therapy for special needs children due to its softness and ride-on qualities. Made of super strong, latex-free vinyl. [more info...]

Amuseable Pink Heart Large

Amuseable Pink Heart Large..... [more info...]


AMUSEABLE RED HEART LARGE.... [more info...]

Bashful Bunny Blush Med

Bashful Blush Bunny loves to snuggle, and her super soft peachy fur makes her the perfect cuddle buddy! This lop-eared lovely will make a wonderful addition to bedtimes and adventure times all over the world. [more info...]

Bashful Bunny Cream Small

Bashful Cream Bunny’s gorgeous long ears look like two big dollops of clotted cream. Mmmm! Time for scones and a hippity-hop on the grass! With a bunny pal as soft as butter icing, summer days are so inviting! [more info...]

Bashful Bunny Woodland Med

Pretty Woodland Babe Bunny is the picture of bunny style, with her fluffy two-tone fur and sweet, friendly smile. Is she grey or orange? Silver or fawn? Who knows, but she’s lolloping out on the lawn! [more info...]

Bashful Grey Bunny Small

Bashful Grey Bunny Small....This fleecy little lamb is three bags full of cuteness! [more info...]

Bashful Lilac Bunny Med

Bashful Lilac Bunny is very attentive - she tilts her head to hear all the best tales and readies her yummy-soft purply ears. A delightful lassie in flower-bright fur, she wants to go everywhere, paw in paw. And when she’s tired, she’ll sit up sweetly, ready for another bedtime story. [more info...]

Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings [Robert McCloskey] Children, Juvenile Literature. [more info...]

Plus-Plus BIG - 15 pc Tube Pastel

The BIG size is perfect for smaller hands or bigger ideas. This 15 piece tube set contains Pastel Colors, including Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Purple and White. [more info...]

Small Animal Pencil Assortment

In each assortment there are 24 small pencil packs featuring animals going about their daily activities. Each pack contains a rainbow of 12 color pencils. How did that squirrel get a pineapple? Illustrated by Monika Forsberg For ... [more info...]

The Velveteen Rabbit

Here is one of the most classic and beloved children's stories, with the original illustrations from 1922—the ideal gift for baby showers, birthdays, weddings, and holidays throughout the year. [more info...]

Walt Disney's The Ugly Duckling (Disney Classic)

Based on Walt Disney’s The Ugly Duckling Silly Symphonies animated short from 1939, this classic Little Golden Book was originally published in 1952. Now the beloved book is back to delight a new generation of boys and girls ages 2 to 5—as well as collectors of all ages! [more info...]

Yellow Multi Chick

Douglas Co., Inc. Yellow Multi Chick Plush [more info...]

Amelia Bedelia Helps Out

Amelia Bedelia Helps Out [Peggy Parish] [Illustrator Lynn Sweat] Children, Juvenile Literature. [more info...]

"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," Said the Sloth

Slowly, slowly, slowly . . . that's how the sloth lives. He hangs upside-down from the branch of a tree, night and day, in the sun and in the rain, while the other animals of the rain forest rush past him. "Why are you so slow? Why are you so quiet? Why are you so lazy?" the others ask the sloth. And, after a long, long, long time, the sloth finally tells them! [more info...]

10 Kisses Before Bedtime

10 Kisses Before Bedtime [Danielle McLean] [Illustrator Ag Jatkowska] Children, Juvenile Literature. [more info...]

12 ct Watercolor Paint Set (cakes) with free brush

-This gorgeous collection of watercolor paints has bright, highly pigmented colors that blend easily -Paintbrush included [more info...]

12 GRIP Watercolor EcoPencils

Watercolor paint in pencils; smooth colors, good grip, includes brush. [more info...]

14-Piece Set in Blues

NEW Tegu colorway: Blues. Fully Compatible with ALL other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Set [more info...]

1In Metal Magic Spring

The Magic Spring, 1 inch. Metal is small in size but not small on fun! You will be surprised how long you sit at your desk, playing with it between your hands. [more info...]

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