Birthday Bins At Over The Rainbow

Your solution to the "What do you want for your birthday?" quotr_package_bow.jpgestion.  Available for children up to their 12th birthday; just stop in, fill a bin with your child's favorite items, and let your birthday guests know "I've got a Birthday Bin at Over The Rainbow Toys!"  

It's Fun

It's Easy

It Saves Time and Money

It Avoids Duplication

Bring your child in to "shop" at the store and fill up their own personal Birthday Bin with the toys they really like.

(What FUN and it AVOIDS duplication.)

Tell your family and friends to stop by the store an pick out one or ore of the items from the bin to purchase as a gift for the child.

(We've made it EASY for them.)

OR, tell your friends and family to call ahead and have us pull an item from your child's birthday bin.  We will wrap it and have it ready for them to pick up on the way to the party.

(This really saves TIME.)

And don't forget - gift wrapping is always free!

(Saves money, because what could be better than FREE?)