Shipping Your Order

Thank you for your interest in our selection of quality playthings for children. Due to high shipping rates for mailing packages to and from Alaska, at this time we only offer our shipping service to addresses within the state.  We ship anywhere in Alaska via US Priority Mail.  If you or your recipient are in or close to Anchorage, save shipping charges by requesting In-Store Pick-up when you complete your order.

For an independant specialty toy retailer closer to your location, please visit the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) website for neightborhood toy stores, and find the Store Locator toward the bottom of the screen.

Shopping locally is a great way to support the community you live in. It means you get to know the people running businesses in your area, and they get to know you; you can communicate your needs and concerns to businessowners, and a much greater percentage of every dollar you spendat a local business returns in some way to the community than money spent at larger corporations or web-only distributors. That means direct support to community schools, facilities, and programs which, in turn, means greater wellbeing in your neighborhood and city.

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