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Flower Dragon And Baby

Flower Dragon And Baby, , by SchleichExplore the magical world of bayala with the Flower Dragon and Baby, a fun, educational toy figurine from Schleich! This 1.181" x 5.906" x 7.087" toy is authentically detailed... [more info...]

French Bulldog

French bulldogs are lapdogs with body and soul. French bulldogs are not very good swimmers. Their heads are too heavy and their legs are too short. [more info...]

Frisian Mare

Frisian Mare, , by SchleichExplore the lively world of Lakeside with the Frisian Mare, a fun, educational toy figurine from Schleich! This 1.339" x 4.961" x 4.331" toy is authentically detailed... [more info...]

Fun Bucket Knights Dragons

Fun Bucket Knights Dragons.... [more info...]




The Gastonia looks quite lively with its boney and scaly armor. [more info...]

German Shepherd Male

One of the most versatile dogs ever bred, much effort was put forth to make this dog what it is today. Sought for herding but also intelligence, German Shepherds are popular police dogs, guardians, companions, war sentries, and guide dogs. [more info...]

Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise, , by SchleichExplore the wild with the Giant Tortoise, a fun, educational toy figurine from Schleich! This 1.693" x 3.071" x 1.614" toy is authentically detailed... [more info...]

Giganotosaurus Juvenile

Giganotosaurus Juvenile, , by SchleichExplore the prehistoric world with the Giganotosaurus Juvenile, a fun, educational toy figurine from Schleich! This 2.677" x 9.961" x 3.819" toy is authentically detailed... [more info...]

Giraffe Calf

At the time of their birth, baby giraffes already weigh 50 kilograms and fall from a height of two meters to the ground. But they don't hurt themselves and can already run after a short time. Newborn baby giraffes are already 180 centimeters tall - as big as a grown man. [more info...]

Giraffe, Female

Why do giraffes have spots? It is hard to imagine that they would serve as camouflage for such large animals. But it is true: From afar, giraffes look like a big tree. A healthy, adult giraffe can kill a lion with a single, hefty kick. [more info...]

Giraffe, Male

Giraffe bulls are the largest land animals, reaching heights of up to six meters Their necks can be two and a half meters long and they can weigh up to 250 kilograms. Nevertheless - just like us human beings - they only have seven cervical vertebrae. When two giraffe bulls fight, they beat their heads against the other one's neck. [more info...]

Glittering Flower House With Unicorns, Lake And Stable

In the light of the morning sun, the flower house gleams in soft colors of nature. You can invite all your elf friends here. There's plenty of space and feed in the stable for the horses. You can tell stories, dream or head off on new adventures here. There is a great view of balaya's starry sky at night from the top floor. [more info...]


During the day, goats' pupils narrow to almost rectangular, horizontal slits. Goats cannot perceive the color blue. For them the sky is always grey. [more info...]

Goat Kid

Goat and kids recognize each other by the sound of their calls, not by their appearance. Newly born domestic goat kids are able to stand immediately and to follow their mother. [more info...]

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden retrievers are medium-sized, intelligent and friendly dogs with a honey-colored coat. Golden retrievers are companionable, playful dogs and therefore very popular. Originally they were English hunting dogs. [more info...]

Gorilla, Male

Male gorillas often beat their fists on their chests. Male gorillas can weigh up to 200 kg. [more info...]

Great Dane

Great Dane - Don't be afraid of the big black dog! From schleich USA [more info...]

Great White Shark

The great white shark is the largest predatory fish on the planet. The teeth of the great white shark are 6 to 7 cm long and have jagged edges. [more info...]

Grizzly Bear

After polar bears, Grizzlies are the world's second largest bears. Because of their height and their aggressive behavior, they are considered as very dangerous in their home, North America. Grizzlies are the largest bears in North America. [more info...]

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear, by Safari Ltd. [more info...]

Grizzly Bear Cub

Grizzly Bear Cub, by Safari Ltd. [more info...]

Grumpy Dragon

Grumpy Dragon, by Safari Ltd. [more info...]

Gypsy Vanner

Color, personality, and lots of hair! These are just a few things about the beautiful Gypsy Vanner breed that will capture your attention. The Gypsy Vanner originated in the United Kingdom. Created by the Gypsies, these horses were not only bred to be beautiful, they also needed to be useful. Serving as a mode of transportation, Gypsy Vanners needed to be strong to pull large wagons in caravans, a [more info...]

Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark, , by SchleichExplore the wild with the Hammerhead Shark , a fun, educational toy figurine from Schleich! This 2.638" x 6.102" x 2.244" toy is authentically detailed... [more info...]

Harpy Eagle

With its sharp eyes, the Harpy is highly concentrated with its crest of feathers on the back of its head standing to attention. [more info...]


Hedgehog....Breyer by CollectA Nothing is more fascinating to a child than to explore the animal kingdom with which we share our planet. From the wildlife of North America to the domesticated farm animals, children love to play with and collect... [more info...]


Anyone who wants to enter the lava world must first of all pass the hellhound. And this is easier said than done: with its two heads, its bark is not only deafeningly loud but it can also keep two opponents at bay at the same time. Its tail is a burning whip which it can use to knock out intruders with just one strike. This hellhound is fiendishly fiery! So that the hellhound doesn't miss a th... [more info...]


Popular for their eggs and meat, chickens can be housed at a home, at a farm or by the thousands. For its health benefits and supply, chicken is consumed across the globe. [more info...]

Hippopotamus, Male

Covered with smooth skin that wrinkles when it reaches the legs and neck, a hippopotamus ranges in color from gray to pink. Hippopotamus, male by Schleich [more info...]

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