Programs for Home Schoolers

Over the Rainbow Toystore is an approved vendor for the IDEA, CyberLynx and Chugach School District home school programs. If you are interested in us becoming an approved vendor for your program, please contact its supervisors and have them send us information.

In order to purchase for your home school through Over the Rainbow, you can choose items in the store and fill out one of the below forms. Then, we will hold your items for up to one week and fax the order to your program. Once your program sends us an approval based on the curriculum you have submitted to them, we will call you for pickup (or ship your items to you if necessary). Over the Rainbow bills your program, rather than you having to submit receipts for reimbursement.

To submit items at Over the Rainbow from home, print the order form for your program, choose items from our website, and fax the order to your school (make sure not to change any of the ‘vendor information’ on the form). When our store receives approval from your program, we will pull your items off the shelves and call you to arrange pickup. Turnaround for school purchase orders usually takes one to two weeks; however, it ultimately depends upon how busy your home school program is processing other purchase requisitions.

A few notes:

  • We do not have any part in determining what items are and are not approved... please be familiar with the guidelines for your particular program.
  • We do not gift wrap items for school purchase orders.
  • We cannot hold items from the shelves during December.
  • Your requested items are subject to what is in stock at the time that your order is approved.

Click the links below to download the necessary paperwork: