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Store update, March 16, 2020

*Open regular hours, as of today (we know that could change without notice).

For the duration of the current Coronavirus health crises (which I will arbitrarily say as long as Anchorage schools are closed):

*Free shipping (in-state only) on orders over $50, Free deliveries in Anchorage on orders over $100

As we all keep waiting for "the other shoe to drop", I keep wondering how many shoes can there be???

Here's what I know today.. at least as of Monday afternoon...

We are still open, but we know that could change without warning.

I have talked to staff who may feel they need to stay home or are not comfortable being here. If we are short staffed when you come in, understand that is why. I want everyone to do what is best for them. No one is being required to come to work, and all staff will continue to be paid.

As of today, we are now offering free shipping (within the state of Alaska, as always) on any orders over $50, and free delivery within Anchorage for orders over $100. We're still working out the details of the delivery service, so bear with us. We anticipate being able to deliver within 24 hours.

Curbside pickup is always an option, place an order online or call us for help making selections, and then just call from the parking lot when you're here.

If you are placing an order online, leave a note in the comments if you need delivery or curbside pickup. Chances are we will be giving you a call just to confirm everything and/or when your order is ready, so you can let us know then as well.
Please call if you can't come in. We are trying to improve our face-time skills to help walk you through selections if that helps. Again, bear with us on that! 

We are always quietest in the morning at opening, so if you need a time with the least number of fellow shoppers, (my fellow seniors, take note!) that's a good time to come in.

OK. That's what I've got today. Will see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and take time to play. #PowerOfPlay #InThisTogether
- Janet

Oh, and maybe this for "How To Do Retail While Working From Home" (Thanks, Joan, for sharing this one!)