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Metallic colored pencils come pre-sharpened in 10 vibrant colors. Pigment packed, these art supplies for kids have a smooth, vibrant color laydown with a satisfying shimmering effect. [more info...]

12 ct GRIP Colored EcoPencils

More pigment for richer colors. GRIP dots and triangular shape gives better control. [more info...]

12 GRIP Watercolor EcoPencils

Watercolor paint in pencils; smooth colors, good grip, includes brush. [more info...]

12 pc Metallic Colored EcoPencils

Classic, wooden, metallic colored pencils from Faber-Castell for ages 6-10 yrs. [more info...]


Enjoy the magical adventures of writing with this multi-colored pen, decorated with lovely unicorns. [more info...]


Organize your notes with color. The Astronaut 6 Click multi pen has 6 colors in just one pen and they’re all just a click away. [more info...]

Alaskan Wildlife Coloring Book

The bold, often raw beauty of Alaska's forests, mountains, valleys, and seas serves as a glorious backdrop for its native wildlife. Wolves, grizzlies, and mountain goats survey the majesty of the landscape while polar bears, beluga whales, and sea otters play in the offshore waters. Thirty accurately rendered drawings of these and other creatures of the Far North — all identified — are waiting to [more info...]

Alice in Wonderland Stained Glass Coloring Book

Alice in Wonderland Stained Glass Coloring Book [Marty Noble] Children, Juvenile Literature. [more info...]

All-in-1 Easel

Every little artist needs a proper wooden easel. [more info...]

Arctic and Antarctic Life Coloring Book

Get acquainted with a variety of polar inhabitants as you color lifelike drawings of terns and humpback whales, baby harp seals, a sea spider, king and emperor penguins, and other creatures — all shown in their native habitats. Fact-filled captions accompany 44 excellent illustrations in this entertaining and educational coloring book [more info...]

Art Paper Roll

For use with the Hape All-in-1 Easel, or simply as drawing paper on a table, [more info...]


6 large easy grip, double-sided jumbo pencils, 12 colors in total, to add all kinds of color to your artwork! Just turn the pencils upside down for a different color. [more info...]

Bathtime Crayons

Make bath time fun with these Toysmith Bathtime Crayons. Let the kids show their creativity by drawing their own designs in the tub and shower. [more info...]

Beka Easel - Magnetboard and Plastic trays

Featured here is our most popular easel with washable plastic trays and Magnetboard. For ages 2-10 years. [more info...]


Beka Easel Paper Roll

By Beka Inc for ages 2-7 years [more info...]


Featured here is our most popular easel with washable Plastic trays and Dry Erase Board. For ages 2-10 years. [more info...]

Black Paper Sketch Pad

The Faber-Castell Paper assortment includes high quality paper products for painting, writing and creative works. It is ideal for use with Faber-Castell quality products. The heavy weight black paper will help your little artist to create awesome works of art with metallics! Includes 40 sheets of 9" x 12" black paper. [more info...]

Boogie Board Jot Kids - Orange

Boogie Board Jot Kids - Orange World''s #1 electronic writing tablet in a Kid-friendly shell. Writes and erases electronically - No markers, pens, or mess Nothing to plugin or charge, replaceable battery last years Magnets and kickstand put it on display [more info...]

Brilliant Bee Crayons

Let your coloring art stand out with Brilliant Bee crayons. This cute crayon set comes with triangle crayons that have a great ergonomic fit and won’t roll away. The crayon colors lay smoothly on paper and are a delight to color with. Brilliant Bee crayons color on black paper too. [more info...]

Bugs Activity and Coloring Book

Bugs Activity and Coloring Book [Fran Newman-D'Amico] Children, Juvenile Literature. [more info...]


6 large easy grip, double-sided jumbo pencils, 12 colors in total, to add all kinds of color to your artwork! [more info...]

Carry Along Coloring Book Set - Dinoland

The Dinoland Carry Along Coloring Book set is the perfect travel dinosaur coloring set for kiddos. It includes 9 jumbo crayons and 48 dino-themed pages. [more info...]

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